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String Quartets:

Violin, Cello and Piano Trios:

Violin, Viola and Cello Pop Trios:

Session Recordings:

Lee DeWyze (American Idol winner, season 9)
What Once Was “Maybe I Might” “Fallen”
Slumberland “Stay”

Justin Roberts (Grammy-nominated album, 2013) Recess

Jon Drake & The Shakes,
Dear Ulysses

Very Truly Yours
Girls Tell You Secrets/Sleep In The Clouds 7”

Wrekmeister Harmonies Then It All Came Down

Sidewalk Chalk, Leaves

Gad Fly film trailer

Matthew Shelton
Waltz EP “Plentitude”
Joke On The Sky “Joke On The Sky”
Cold Water Hot Blood “untitled” “Tattooed Eyelid” “Out at Sea”

Hadley Kennary
Self-titled Debut “Parachute” “Astronauts Dancing”

Starina Catchatoorian
The Snow Years “LA”

Black Tie Elephant
First EP

Strawberry “Little Miami” “Waiting Room”

Origin of Animal

A Light Sleeper
Another New Calligraphy

Hospital Garden
Haunter “Pact” “Untitled 2”, Mover

Leningrad Dutch
Tonight You Belong to Me

Eyes Ears Nose
Dependent Pop  “Bert pillow” “Bday getaway” “Myopic brenda”

Bill Tucker
Mythological Creatures “No One Is Illegal”